Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on June 6, 2013

Khartoum, June 6, 2013 (SUNA) Following are main headlines of local newspapers-sudannewspapers on Thursday:

Akhbar Alyoum:
Dr. Nafie reveals joint rebels and opposition dubbed "100 day"
Revolutionary Front's internal disputes aggravated after defeat in Abu Karshola
Senior Islamists and MPs call for lift of subsidy from commodities and fuel

Al Ray Alaam:
North Sector dominates leadership of Revolutionary Front ousting South Kordofanians

Al Ayam:
Salva Kiir unveils African efforts to organize meeting between al Bashir and North Sector leaders during coming month
Morsi: Statements voiced by some Egyptian officials against Sudan do not represent government position

Al Intibaha:
Minister of Finance: Economic situation is under control despite challenges
Violations in Eastern Sudan Fund revealed

Al Ahram Alyoum:
Egyptian Intelligence Director pays short visit to Khartoum
Minister of Interior: Darfur conflict should be solved through political and social means

Bilal: Renaissance Dam is similar to al Sad al Aali (Aswan Dam)
Al Bashir: The Army will not disappoint the people

Akhir Lahza:
Experts warn against playing down risks of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Trend on forming mujahedeen and Popular Defense battalions to protect the capital

Al Garar:
Taha criticizes micro-finance experience calling for providing training and marketing services for recipients
Minister of Defense: West Darfur is free of armed activities

Al Akhbar:
Ministry of finance: Central Bank of Sudan involvement in gold purchase is behind declining of SDG rate
Taha: Al Gadarif warehouses are base for exporting oil to Ethiopia and neighboring countries
Fire sets on a bus at Port-Sudan road, no casualties reported
600 children wait for undergoing Catheter operations

Al Wifag:
$200m for Darfur electricity
Government: Meetings delay will negatively affect agreement with Juba

Al Sudani:
Journalist Khalid Ahmed to stand before Information Crimes Attorney
Importing and exporting of manufactured and purified gold banned

Al Khartoum:
Major gold smuggling attempt foiled at Khartoum airport
14,736 Sudanese doctors migrate to Saudi Arabia during the last 5 years
Iraq provides Sudan with postpaid oil

Al Watan:
4 persons killed, 1200 of Messirya cattle stolen near Abyei
Ministry of Finance: committees have been formed to settle conditions of workers at sugar factories after their sale


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