Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on June 4, 2013

Khartoum, June 4, 2013 (SUNA) Following are the main headlines of newspapers issued here Tuesday:

Al Intibaha:
Gandoor: No negotiations with North Sector, we didn't receive invitation for talks from Mbeki
Farmers Union: Al Mutafie obstructs provision of agricultural inputs
Security Organ: 41 suits filed against arms traders

Al Wifag:
Hilal stresses necessity for studying environmental impact of Renaissance Dam
$4m from Islamic Congress to Abu Karshola-affected persons
10-year imprisonment for arms smuggling convicts

Al Ahram Alyoum:
Ministry of Science warns of increasing immigration of scholars and researchers
Khartoum-Juba security meetings postponed for undetermined date
Five students injured during clashes at the University of Khartoum

Al Ray Alaam:
Commissioner: Southern Kordofan needs $8m in urgent relief
Foreign Ministry says Libya is not blamed on the accident involving Sudanese illegal migrants
Locusts swarms in their way to Sudan from Israel

Al Sahafa:
More than 27 million persons use cell phones in Sudan
Malaria-related death and infection cases decreased by 78%

Al Khartoum:
Sudanese national hangs himself inside sheep barn
1439 Sudanese practice medicine in Britain

Al Sudani:
American study: 89% of Bahar al Gazal population prefers change of South Sudan government
Port-Sudan water crisis aggravated and Aila arrived at Khartoum

Al Watan:
Meningitis immunization campaign delayed to unspecified date
Government unveils use of Sudanese satellite and station for monitoring electronic crimes

3 Misserya tribesmen killed at Abyei
Locusts swarms invade Sinai and Taba

Al Garar:
Popular Congress refuses to condemn Revolutionary Front attacks
Oil Minister welcomes Egyptian companies which have interest to invest in oil field
Rizaigat tribe accuses Minawe Movement of kidnapping one of its leaders

Al Ayam:
Libya closes borders with Sudan
1,5 million euro for eliminating drop outs at Blue Nile schools


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