Dosa Affirms importance of 32th session of Human Rights Council to Sudan

Geneva, June. 6 (SUNA) - Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bushara Dosa met at his residence in Geneva, where he attends the 32thmohamed-bushara Dosa Sudan session of the Council of Human Rights, Sudan's mission to the International Organization for Human Rights to coordinate the joint efforts with the concerned organizations .

Dosa said the current session of the Human Rights is very important for Sudan to reflect the flagrant violations committed by the terrorist Front in North and South Kordufan .
He added that Sudan delegation will display before the session a documentary film including the killing, destruction, homelessness and the sabotage acts committed by the rebels in North and South Kordufan States .
He called on the Human Rights Council and legal regional and international organization to strongly condemn the crimes committed by the rebels in Sudan .


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