Qualitative Participation of Armed Forces in Liberation of Abu Karshola

Abu Karshola, June 1 (SUNA) - Al-Saddiq Mohamed Ali Al-Sheikh, the Emir of Mujahideen who participated in Al-Muntasir Billah force which has liberated Abu Karshola town from rebellion, said that the Mujahideen participation alongside the Armed Forces was a qualitative one.

He said that the Mujahideen force for Abu Karshola included students, the Wali (governor) of Gezira State, Prof. Al-Zubair Bashir Taha, and Mujahideen from the different sectors of the society.
Al-Sheikh said that the Mujahideen have helped the Armed Forces and the other regular forces in their task of securing Abu Karshola area.
He said that the force of Al-Muntasir Billah gas destroyed all vehicles, weapons and military equipment that they left behind them.
He added that the Mujahideen also contributed to supporting the social fabric at the area of Abu Karshola.


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