Sudan Affirms Sudan Seriousness for Cooperation with South Sudan in Implementation of Agreements

Addis Ababa, May 27 (SUNA) Sudan has stressed that Africa unity will only be achieved by solution of the internal disputes between the ali karticountries of the continent through peaceful means, non-interference in others' affairs and stopage of the foreign interference which aims to disrupt the unity of the continent and to loot its resources.

In the address of the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer al-Bashir, which was read over by the Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti, before the 21st summit of the African Union held in Addiss Ababa, Sudan has referred to the intensive efforts made for the achievement of peace and development in the country through negotiation and the work to implement the agreements which were signed with South Sudan State.
The address has referred to the importance of the occasion and the efforts carried by the African Union Commission and its the good arrangement for the summit.
Sudan address has pointed out to the positive progress in relations between Sudan and South Sudan State and the great role played by the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan, which is led by Thabo Mabeki for the signing of the cooperation agreement in September 2012 and followed by the signing of the Matrix for the implementation of the agreements signed between Sudan and South Sudan State.
Sudan address before the AU summit has affirmed that Sudan has fully withdrawn from the territories South Sudan State while the other party is still existing inside the Sudanese territorys and that the state of South Sudan still provides political, military and logistic support to the leaders of the terrorist destructive anti Sudan movements, a matter which threatens the cooperation agreement that was achieved in the past period.
Sudan's address has referred to the direct contacts beween Presidents Al Basher and Salva Kiir following the incident of the killing of leader of Dinka Ngok, Koual Deng, and number of citizens and elements of UNISFA, stating that a committee was formed from the two parties, UNISFA and the United Nations to investigate the incident and to bring the guilty to justice.
The address also pointed to the aggression committed by the so-called Revolutionary Front on Abu Karshola and Um Rwaba despite agreement of the Sudan government to sit for negotiations with the People's Liberation Movement - North Sector - according to the two protocols signed within the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, referring to the strong statements made by the Commission of the African Union and sisiter countries in condemnation to these criminal acts.
The address has also tackled the situation in the African continent, particularly in Somalia, Mali the Cencteral Africa and other African issues of common concern.


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