Armed Forces Repulses Rebels Aggression on Al-Dandor Area

Khartoum, May 26 (SUNA) - The spokesman of the Armed Forces, Col. Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad, announced that the Armed Forces repulsed Sunday morning an aggression of the rebellion remnants on Al-Dandor area in South Kordofan State and inflicted heavy losses on them in lives and equipments.

He explained in a statement he issued Sunday that the Armed Forces has killed more than 70 of the attacking rebels and confiscated two tanks 55 in good condition.
Col. Al-Sawarmi pointed out that remnants of the rebel movements have attacked Al-Dandor in South Kordofan using tanks and artillery with the aim to occupy it and to loot properties of the citizens and to terrify them.
He said that the Armed Forces is now pursuing the fleeing rebels and carrying out combing operations with the aim to enable the citizens at this area to enjoy peace and tranquility.


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