Dr. Al-Sessi and American Charge d'Affaires Discuss Means to Speed up Implementation of Cooperation Agreement

eltegani alseseKhartoum, May 26 (SUNA)- The United States has expressed its hope that the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur will be accelerated, affirming the commitment of his country, as sponsor of the agreement, to reinforce its implementation on the ground.

This came when the Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority, Dr. Al-Tigani Al-Sessi, received in his office Sunday the American Charge d'Affaires, Joseph Stafford.
Dr. Al-Sessi has given a comprehensive briefing to the American Charge d'Affaires on the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur following the recent tribal disputes in South Darfur lately.
Dr. Al-Sessi and the American Charge d'Affaires also reviewed means to push ahead the peace process and the humanitarian aid for the displaced people whose number has increased lately as a result of the tribal disputes in South Darfur.
Meanwhile, the American Charge d'Affaires called on all the conflict parties in Darfur, especially Sudan government and Darfur Regional Authority, to do their best to contain all causes of violence in Darfur and to work for reaching a peaceful solution conducive to enabling the people of Darfur to take part in the rehabilitation and development in their region.


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