Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on May 22

Khartoum, May 22, 2013 (SUNA) Following are main headlines of local newspapers on Wednesday:

Al Watan:

165 is the minimum score for admission to Khartoum's public secondary schools

Baby girl born with two heads at Gadarif Hospital

Al Garar:

Goash represents himself in defense and criticizes being imprisoned without charge

Al Haj Adam: We prohibit organizing of symposiums that glorify Revolutionary Front

African Development Bank supports efforts to settle debts of Khartoum and Juba

Minister of Minerals constitutes national committee to organize urgent campaign for collecting one ton of gold to repulse aggression

Al Mashahad Alaan:

Immunization campaign against meningitis launched at Northern Kordofan

Armed Forces foiled attempt for arms smuggling to Kauda area

Anti-smoking Clinics opened at Khartoum for first time

Al Ray Alaam:

Dr. Nafie accuses opposition of questioning loyalty of Armed Forces

Government calls UN to adopt firm stances against rebels

Al Intibaha:

11 Sudanese merchants killed at Upper Nile

Salva Kiir and Pagan didn't attend Peoples' Movement celebrations


Taha calls media outlets to offer advice to decision makers

Al Jaz: South Sudan oil flows smoothly to ports

Nafie: There is fifth column working for interest of Revolutionary Front inside Khartoum

Akhbar Alyoum:

Juba reduces oil production to half accusing government of closing pipeline

Al Mireikh to represent Sudan in Arab Football Championship

Al Ayam:

Khartoum dismisses Juba allegations on obstruction of oil exports

Karti meets UN coordinator for emergent humanitarian assistance saying rejection of Tripartite Initiative by Peoples Movement should be met with international pressures

Al Sudani:

Lebanese company to invest $800m in Sudan

Unionist (Original) and Umma Parties agree to consolidate bilateral coordination

Al Jareeda:

Al Haj Adam renews call for arms holders to join peace process

Babu Nimir calls for investigations on Kual Deng killing



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