Foreign Ministry Summons Western Diplomats to Inform about South Sudan Support to Rebels

Khartoum, May 14 (SUNA)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday summoned the British and American Chargeahmatallah-mohamed-osman d'Affaires and the Ambassador of Norway who were informed, separately, by the ministry's Undersecretary, Ambassador Rahamtalla Osman, about evidence on the support of the Republic of South Sudan to the rebel movements which lately attacked Um-Rawaba and Abu-Karshola areas.

The Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry affirmed Sudan rejection to such a hostile act which would have negative impact on the relations between the two countries and poses a direct threatening to efforts being exerted currently for normalization of the relations between Sudan and South Sudan and application of the agreements signed between the two countries.
Meanwhile, the three western diplomats expressed their appreciation of the efforts being exerted by Sudan government for realizing stability in its relations with South Sudan State.
They expressed their desire to carry out contacts with South Sudan State so as to stop doing like such acts toward guaranteeing peace in the relations between the two countries.


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