Sudan Delivers Complaint to Security Council on Assassination of Mohamed Bashar, his Deputy and Five Members of his Movement

New York, May 14 (SUNA)- Sudan permanent envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Dafa'alla Al-Haj Ali,dafallah-haj-ali has delivered a complaint to the Security Council concerning the treacherous assassination of the field commander of the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement, Mohamed Bashar, his deputy Arko Dahiya, and five others of the faction which has signed the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.

The complaint stated that the aggression on Bashar and his companions was committed by the Justice and Equality Movement at Bamina area which lies in the Chadian territories.
The compliant forwarded to the Chairman of the Security Council stressed that the barbaric attack committed by the Justice and Equality Movement stands as clear evidence on its rejection to any political settlement with the government through negotiation.
The complaint indicated that the Justice and Equality Movement has used to put impediments before reaching peace whenever successful steps were done for realizing peace.
The complaint pointed out that the terrorist crime was committed by Eissa Al-Kelaib, Mahdi Hassaballa and Ibrahim Mahmoud.
Sudan complaint included the call on the Security Council to condemn the crime and to impose sanctions on the perpetrators.


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