Al-Tahir Appreciates Role of Media and Affirms Armed Forces' Capability to Repulse Aggression

Khartoum, May 12 (SUNA)- Chairman of the National Legislature and Speaker of the National Assembly, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, ahmed ibrahim altahir has described the acts of aggression, robbery and killing being committed by the so-called Revolutionary Front as flagrant violations and aimed to changing the social structure of Sudan by all its social components through ethnical cleansing.

At his meeting Sunday with the leaders of the mass media at the National Assembly, Al-Tahir pointed out that the rebellion in the Nuba Mountains and Darfur has surpassed its demands and endeavor to overthrow the regime, affirming the readiness of the Armed Forces to defend the homeland and to teach the aggressors a lesson that they will never forget.
Al-Tahir called on the media not to be neutral in the national issues, to contribute to preservation of the social fabric and to combat the agenda for division of the homeland.
He appreciated the objective and positive method adopted by the media in dealing with the recent incidents.
Meanwhile, the leaders of the mass media appreciated the meeting which reflected understanding of the Legislative Authority to message of the media, calling for coordination between the state and the mass media for highlighting on the atrocities and crimes committed by the rebels.



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