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القوات المسلحة تعلن القضاء على خليل ابراهيم فى عملية بطولية


تمكنت القوات المسلحة الباسلة فى الساعات الاولى من صباح اليوم فى عملية بطولية من القضاء على المتمرد خليل ابراهيم الذى لقى مصرعه ضمن مجموعة من

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NC declares mobilization campaign against US Congress draft resolution on Sudan

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Khartoum, Mar. 13 (SUNA) The National Congress Party has declared embark of national mobilization campaign against U.S.A Congress draft resolution on Sudan which it has considered part of the continuous campaign targeting Sudan.

The Vice President of the Republic and head of the Political Sector of the NCP, Dr. Al-Haj Adam, said in a press conference Tuesday following his chairmanship to an emergency meeting of the sector at the headquarters of the party indicated that the terms of the US act which is dealing with blockade of assistance from individuals and states to Sudan, and prvention of free movement of the Sudan leaders in the world, and putting pressure on Sudan are the same measures for the definition of genocide in the international law contrary to the claims of those whom have submitted the act that Sudan is committing genocide.
He said that the mobilization campaign will include all NC members inside and outside Sudan and all the political forces.
The Vice President of the Republic pointed out that the NC will lead the campaign with the political parties that are participating in the bread-based government and the national political parties in order to refute the US allegations and to provide facts to the citizens inside the Sudan and the international public opinion abroad through all the communication channels, to show the world that the Sudan is a responsible stater, not like the other states being administered by irresponsible gangs.
He said that the US which accuses Khartoum of genocide is the one who started genocide against the Sudanese nation via its institutions.
Meanwhile, he renewed his invitation for the all the political forces and the political institutions in the country to actively take part in this campaign in the coming period.

Dr. Al Haj Adam has affirmed the firm stand along side the Armed Forces, the People's Defence Forces and the other security organs for securing the homeland and defeating the rebellion.

The political sector of the NCP has got assured on the humanitarian situation in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States, reiterating its refuse to allow the foreign organization to enter into the rebellion area trough the Sudan territories, affirming that the state and the NCP are assuming the responsibility in coordination with the national organization and the UN agencies working in Sudan to provide food for the people at any place in the country.

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