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القوات المسلحة تعلن القضاء على خليل ابراهيم فى عملية بطولية


تمكنت القوات المسلحة الباسلة فى الساعات الاولى من صباح اليوم فى عملية بطولية من القضاء على المتمرد خليل ابراهيم الذى لقى مصرعه ضمن مجموعة من

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Minister of Finance discloses plan to issue economic reform program

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Khartoum, Mar. 13 (SUNA) - The Minister of Fianance and National Economy, Ali Mahmoud, unveiled that an economic reform program is due to be implemented after its approval by the concerned authorities, indicating that a joint committee of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Sudan is embarked on formulation of this program.

The Minister of Financed reviewed during his meeting in his office Tuesday with the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), headed by Mr. Alan Mcarthur, efforts being exerted for reaching economic sustainability in the face of the pending challenges.
The two sides discussed the means and mechanisms to prevent negative effects on the economy that would result from the challenges and if a clear deal with State of South Sudan was not reached.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance called on the IMF to contribute more by extending technical assistance in the field of tax reform, rationalization of government expenditure, and the negative impacts of inflation, referring to the importance of adoption of a strategy by the IMF for combating poverty and support to the vulnerable categories of people.
He affirmed that the state would continue to support to these segments, pointing to the increase of the minimum pension to 250 pounds, adding that the three-year economic program is being implemented in the field of increasing exports and the expansion in the production of strategic commodities to replace the imports, a matter that would contribute to supporting the vulnerable segments in the society.

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