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القوات المسلحة تعلن القضاء على خليل ابراهيم فى عملية بطولية


تمكنت القوات المسلحة الباسلة فى الساعات الاولى من صباح اليوم فى عملية بطولية من القضاء على المتمرد خليل ابراهيم الذى لقى مصرعه ضمن مجموعة من

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)....the International production of wheat reduced to 1.4%

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Article translator :Belgees Fagier

Khartoum-11-3-2012-(SUNA)- The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)expect that the International production of wheat may reduce this year to 1.4% compared with the production last year, that estimated to 690 million ton.

According to information issued by FAO , the index of measuring the monthly changes in prices of the commodities of cereals, plant seeds, dairies, meats and sugar had reached to an average of 215.3 point and an increase of 212.8 modified point in January.

While the index had pointed that the food prices get higher in February compared to the last month ( January), due to the increase in prices of cereals , sugar and edible oils, the matter that increased the pressures of inflation, according to FAO .

The amount of the rice international trade will drop this current year in a rate of 5% compared with the last year, due to declining the international demand , explained a report issued by FAO. Although the international exports of rice reached to 34.5 million ton in the last year, but FAO expected a drop in exports of this current year to 32.8 million ton.

The states of Bangladesh, Indonesia , Nepal, Nigeria and Philippine are among some other countries will reduce their imports of rice this current year because of the increase of production in that states what decline the demand of import.

Thailand the biggest export- rice country in world had exported 1-.5 million ton in the last year. but it was expected that it may reduces its exports this year due to the system of the minimum purchase prices of rice from the farmers, that enforces by the government what will reduce the completion capacities of the Thai rice in the international markets, informed FAO. As these governmental policies reduced actually the quantities of exporting since last November in a rate of 50% compared with the same period in the last year, according to the Union of Thai Rice Exporters.

The country's export may reduces this current year to a rate of 40% ( what estimates of 6.5 million ton) stated the Union of Thai exporters and in contrast FAO predicts that an increase in exports rice in the countries of Cambodia, China, India, and Pakistan and pointed that the international prices of rice decrease down in a rate of 7% since last October, and expected the prices drop continuation during the current year.

It is likely that the international prices of food will reduce in year 2012 because fears from an economic collapse may double the demands and the supply are still enough. But the conditions may change if the climate damage the crops in the main producer countries and increased the demands.

The senior of the economists in FAO, Abdu reda Abassyan, confirmed that " actually there is a way to retraction ( in prices of food) because demand are appropriate as the supply is near to be suitable to all goods."

All international food prices registered by FAO had declined in December compared with the last month and continued to decrease during the last few months, declared the expert Abassyan and went on saying , the only risks of prices increase that we may face in coming months will appear if the climate changes begin to affect badly on the production of year 2012.

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