In Telephone Call with Taha: US Secretary of State Appreciates Government Efforts for Release of American Hostage

 Khartoum, Sept. 8 (SUNA)- The US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, Wednesday evening made a telephone call with the Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, and praised the efforts of Sudan government for release of the American hostage who was kidnapped in Darfur

Mrs. Clinton also appreciated the progress achieved concerning the issue of the referendum and the mutual understanding reached between the two

partners in this regard

She hoped the referendum of south Sudan will be completed peacefully through full understanding between the two partners in Sudan

The American Secretary of State expressed, through the telephone call, her concern with the situation in Darfur, and declared the US administration's support to the efforts to realize security and comprehensive political peace in the region

She hoped that the American envoy for Sudan, Gen. Scott Gration, would be able to complete consultations and understanding on the issues of the referendum and Darfur during during his visit to Sudan early next week

Mrs. Clinton expressed her hope to meet with the Sudanese delegation for the special meeting that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has called for in New York on September 24

Meanwhile, Taha reiterated the government commitment to hold the referendum in the fixed time as it is a political, constitutional and national obligation

Taha also affirmed the commitment of Sudan government and its leader, President Omer Al-Bashir, to realize peace in Darfur




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